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Coping After the Loss of a Pet

You are not alone

We understand that the loss of a beloved pet can be accompanied with extreme emotions of loss, grief, sadness, and sometimes guilt.  While these emotions are normal, it is important to seek assistance if you think you may need it. Do not let anyone make you feel that the loss of your pet is not significant - no one else can understand the relationship you had with your pet and the significance they had in your life. Below are some resources you may find helpful. 

The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement

This is an excellent website and resource of pet loss. There are numerous articles, a chat room, quality of life assessment tools, and further resources.

The Ohio State University - Veterinary Medical Centre

There are multiple, well written articles to help with coping with the loss of a pet.

This article, by (an online mental health and wellbeing resource) highlights some of the common feelings associated with pet loss. It also discusses specific considerations for seniors and children. “Coping with the Loss of a Pet”

Pets at Peace 

This website is for a pet crematorium and funeral home in the Toronto area. They have numerous articles that discuss the grief of losing a pet, as well as helping making the decision of euthanasia.

If you feel that you cannot cope, or are feeling extreme emotional distress, please seek assistance. Below are some resources to help you: